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My Story

never really know what to put in these, hopefully this will some me up:

  • I’m Rebecca, I’m 18 and I live the UK
  • I have a weird accent
  • I love fashion but I tend to dress more rock/grungy
  • I’m obsessed with music and I like pretty much anything
  • I work at New Look
  • I go to Sixth From and study English Lit, Psychology and Drama & Theatre Studies
  • I’m going to university to do a degree in Psychology
  • I have a passion for writing and acting
  • I dabble in modeling
  • I smoke, occasionally
  • I drink
  • I have tattoos
  • I have my nose, ears and cartilage pierced and I want several other ear piercings
  • I’m a recovering anorexic and I used to suffer from depression
  • My nan passed away on 11.01.10 of alzheimer’s disease (if you need help dealing with someone with this, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I will always respond and try to help you)
  • My grandad passed away in 2011 of cancer
  • If you have messy hair, peircings or tattoos I will probably love you

anything else just ask